The Way of the Crow



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Acknowledgements and thanks are extended to Florence Hubley, Sheila Wilson, Linda Goodin, John McKay, the late Burnice Gilchrist, Alison Yoshioka, Phyllis Gillis, Marilyn Burns, F. Weatherbee, Doris Phillips, Iola Stronach, Elizabeth Turner, Florence Langille, Stephen Czapalay, Charles and June Maginley, Muriel Tucker, Dorothy Knowles, Norman Deale, Myrna Wilson, Mary Patterson, Joan Stiles, and Madeline Way, all of whom contributed crow stories or general information about crows.


Also, thanks to Peggi Thayer, for contributing to the section on crow stories, and for helping to nurture my love for crows. As well, I wish to acknowledge the contribution of Penny Dexter, who did the initial editing of the original Black Spirit manuscript, made useful suggestions for the text and cover, and gave much encouragement.  


Thanks also to Glenn and Evangeline Lacey, and my nephew, Jon David, for taking care of Spirit, during the initial period following his accident, and for bringing him into my life.


I wish to thank Paula Sarson, who was my editor at Nimbus, for her sensitive suggestions and comments, in the original publication, Black Spirit: The Way of the Crow, 1996.  


Also, I wish to thank Dorothy Blythe, who was the managing editor at Nimbus, at the time of the original publication. Her encouragement, understanding, and faith that I could pull this book together, was of great help to me.   


Finally, I wish to acknowledge my late crow friend, Spirit - this is as much his book as it is mine.

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