The Way of the Crow



My Books


Micmac Medicines: Remedies and Recollections,

Nimbus Publishers, Halifax, 1993.

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Black Spirit: The Way of the Crow,  

Nimbus Publishers, 1996.

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Medicine Walk: Reconnecting to Mother Earth,  

Nimbus Publishers, 1999.

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Both the Micmac Medicines and Medicine Walk books are still in hard copy publication. You should be able to order them through bookstores. Nimbus Publishing is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Black Spirit book is out of print, but copies are occasionally found in used book shops. As well, Amazon is a good source for copies of my book.

I am an "Associate" member of Amazon and, so, if you purchase my books through the above links, I will receive an associate commission. If you do purchase any of my books through those links, I want to say a sincere thank you! The commissions, and the revenue from Google Adsense ads, help to offset the time and energy spent in producing and maintaining the website.

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P.S. I am often available for slide lecture presentations, workshops, and field walks, and may be reached through this website. See the“Contact Me” page.


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