The Way of the Crow



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I have often read reports, or listened to stories about how difficult situations, accidents, or troubling experiences, lead to new insights and learning on a personal level. Well, it certainly happened to me on this occasion. I not only had a new appreciation for Spirit, felt a greater kinship with him, but I also experienced the amazing recuperative power of the crow.

Immediately after the accident, Spirit became reclusive or withdrawn, and ceased cawing or vocalizing of any kind. What a difference from his regular healthy state! This was especially noticeable, mornings, Spirit's most vocal period of the day. His behaviour had changed completely, as he remained hidden away in the converted dog house, preferring the darkness of its interior to other areas of his living space. But, despite his need for privacy, I always had food and water nearby in the event he needed them.

At first, I thought Spirit would die, either from shock or from internal injuries of some nature. I was quite concerned and didn’t realize that his quiet, reclusive behaviour was a natural response to the healing process. He only required time and rest - the innate healing capabilities of his body did the rest. I will never forget the relief and happiness I experienced the day I heard Spirit moving or stirring inside his house. This activity was slight at first, and included small movements of the feet, and the occasional pecking behaviour. This was encouraging and for the first time I knew he was over the worst of his ordeal. Later, you can imagine my joy, when he moved to the entrance of his house and looked around. I could have stood on my head! The following day, he cawed for the first time in over a week. After that his condition improved rapidly, and soon he was much more active, moving about in his usual vigorous fashion. It seemed as though we had both been given another chance.

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