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9 March 2010

This is the website for the online version of my book, Black Spirit: The Way of the Crow, published in 1996. The hard copy version of the book is out of print. I have considered having the book re-published, but have opted for an online publication, instead. Perhaps, at some point in the future, the book will once again appear in hard copy.

Now, I must tell you that the crow has been a long term ally of mine. Even as a boy, I adored crows and felt an affinity with them. Later, I read and studied legends, many of which involved crows in one way or another. So, as the years passed, I became even more fascinated with them, and their legendary reputations.

When I finally got the chance to care for an injured crow, I was delighted! It was an opportunity to live with a legend, and to experience that legend up close and personal, so to speak. I talk about those things, in my book.

With the passing of time, the crow taught me many things about his way of life. I learned things about crow language, song, and behaviour, that I wouldn't have learned, otherwise. Yes, the years spent living with this bird legend, were precious, and, if I could, I would gladly go back and live them over again. And, yes, there are many things I would do differently, and  elements of crow experience, that I would now like to investigate more fully.

But, alas, hindsight is 20/20. I like to think that crow came into my life at exactly the right time. I learned from crow, what I had to learn. Crow learned from me, what he had to learn. We have both evolved because of our coming together - a coming together and close interaction between two sentient beings. 

Finally, thank you for taking the time and patience to read about my crow experiences. It's a pleasure to share them with you. At some point in the future I may decide to write a Crow Medicine Course, so check back, occasionally, as it will be announced here. As well, I'll announce it immediately to the mailing list members.

Crow Medicine Blessings!


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